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Nichole West

Development &
Efficiency Specialist 
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"It has become very clear that operational efficiencies are one of the most needed refinements of the this industry's next steps."

-Nichole West





Senior Account Executive 

Sales, General Business Development. SOPs, Merchandising, Marketing & Training for startup.

CC Safeguard

Co-Founder & Cannabis Industry Expert

Assist in the development of inventory management and loss prevention software that integrates AI, Camera Tracking & RFID to manage tracking and reconciliation


Director of Operations 

Complete restructuring of company, brands, procedures, and staff. 3x sales and process flow in under 6 months.


Senior Director

Operational Due Diligence for investments. Application writing & license perfecting. Successfully won 4 Los Angeles Retail Licenses.


AJS Holdings

Vice President

Managed business development. Opened 10 retail stores and scaled 100k sq f cultivation. Trained and hired 300+ staff in retail, cultivation & manufacturing. Opened stores in new states. Obtained 4/5 licenses applied for. 


Tru Colorado


Inclusive (SWL Partners Cannabis Div)

Managing Partner

Cannabis Business Development, Operations, and Marketing Consulting Services. Industry capital seeking preparation. 

Clients : Project Cannabis, High Times, DNA Genetics, Aura IP Law, Tropicanna, Chronic Pain Releaf, Lillie's Garden, West Coast Sunrise, Jerome Baker, AHHS, Zanna, Old G Kush,  UFCW, Weed for Warriors, Microscopes & Machines and more.


Vice President of Sales

Managed sales and business development. Oversight on wholesale of 6m over 9 months. Assisted in scaling of 70k sq foot of cultivation & opened retail.

Director of Operations

Lead process restructuring for operations and assisted in four retail acquisitions and brand development.



Sales / Brand Ambassador 
Sales & education of cultivation specific optics. Developed new customer in commercial cannabis cultivation setting rather than just the hydro store. 

Lead Budtender & Trainer

Sales & sales training for retail cannabis dispensary in medical only market in Colorado



Canna Collective Long Beach

Managing Partner

Managed Licensing and Remodel. Trained and hired Staff. Directed relocation and restructure. 

Sales Manager Nor Cal &

Sales and development of Northern California Weedmaps listings. Promoted to sales on 4.4m acquisition for initial launch. 


Community Foreclosure Assistance


Trade Marketing Rep

Managed Coastal Southern Los Angeles chain & franchise convenience stores marketing plans. Oversight on pricing and merchandising. 

Commercial Real Estate Business Development

Marketing, leases & sales on commercial real estate with a focus on cannabis properties in Long Beach and mortgage assistance programs for residential real estate. 



Educational Cannabis Art
Whats Up with Nichole? 

Life is all about connections! I am thankful for your time and energy in this message! Let me know how I can help!

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