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Feminized with LizTHE TRUE OG : Nichole West, Cannabis Business EXPERT | Grow House Media Presents

"Nichole West might be the most well-known woman in cannabis next to Mila the Hash Queen Jansen, so no surprise that Mila happens to be Nichole’s inspiration. Nichole West has a star-crossed relationship with cannabis business since the first dispensary occupancy licenses were handed out in SoCal in 2009 to today where she advises some of the largest cannabis companies in the world about cannabis processes & efficiency, application writing, and retail operations.

But her path wasn’t at all paved with sunshine and top colas, she has faced extreme adversity to help the US cannabis industry expand, and has even spent time incarcerated as an “example” of when large commercial cannabis runs amok. Nichole is open, honest, and exceptionally authentic as she shares her story of her meteoric rise to the top, and gives us a rare look into her world as a TRUE Cannabis Queen. Tap in, you don’t want to miss this one y’all!

Nichole, thank you for this priceless conversation. Many platforms have tried to tell your story, and I’m eternally grateful that you opened your heart and shared your truth here, with me, and with my audience. You are the epitome of FEMINIZED!"

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