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Women of Sensi GOES DIGITAL!

2020 marked 100 years of the 19th amendment (women’s right to vote) – and we celebrated by gathering and organizing! Even though we were locked down - we still found community with amazing women around the country!


Speakers : Moriah Barnhart, Tracy Ryan, Emily Walter, Bethani Jane, Ashley Couch, Lauren Noriega, Elizabeth Barkett, Murphy Murri, Propane Jane, Siv Watkins, Steph Wilson, The Dank Duchess, Chloe Hollett, Brooke Ashley & Patty Pappas


Host : Nichole West


Go to for tickets @sensimagazine #WomenOfSensi #SensiConnect #WomenEmpoweringWomen @inclusivecanna @moriahbarnhart @agirlandagarden @flowernamed_jane @nori_thenightmare @barketlawoffice @murphymurri @propane.jane @thedankduchess @chloehollettjd @ms.brooklyn.ash @harvest_honey @mycannakids

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