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MJ Biz Con : Retail Tutorial: Training Your Staff for Success

Updated: May 7, 2023

Nichole West, Director of Business Development, COWA Science

Many dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores focus mostly on their products but not their people, overlooking the value of ensuring their employees are trained and knowledgeable about products, laws, regulations and providing strong customer service. In this session, you’ll get a detailed look at how a $60 million multi-state chain of cannabis stores developed and implemented a rigorous employee training program – and how this approach can be vital to your success.

You get insights on: •What an effective, successful employee training program incorporates •How to structure and implement training programs for key positions, including budtenders and managers •Developing a corporate culture that helps you get the most out of employees •Incorporating legal, regulatory and compliance issues into your training program

My first time speaking at MJ Biz Con

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